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Sandal Huddersfield

Sandal Huddersfield BMW in Yorkshire are one of only a handful of privately owned Authorised BMW Dealers within the country, Sandal Huddersfield offers the highest levels of service and expertise whether you are looking at New Cars, Approved Used Cars, Servicing or Genuine BMW Parts & Accessories. Our Dealership is ideally located and within easy reach of Bradford, Shelley and Kirkburton.
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98 Leeds Road
West Yorkshire
Tel:01484 515515


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"The dealership is well presented and the staff polite. Our saleman however didn't write on our sales sheet our conversation about cruise control so we don't have a leg to stand on. Still got a car we don't really want. Delivery slow and unorganised"

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"The trim next to the door panel was damaged while is was in the Dealership."

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Current Offers

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