The future of BMW - Concept Cars


The future of BMW - Concept Cars


For years, the BMW Group has developed unique prototypes to bring innovations visually to life and showcase past, present and future design. They also provide the public with a glimpse of upcoming products the BMW Group is working on. 

Discover the latest concepts from BMW.


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The BMW i Vision Circular represents the BMW Group’s project to become the most sustainable manufacturer for individual premium mobility. Through the entire process of design, development and manufacture, the vision vehicle is conceived in line with the principles of the circular economy. The creative vision shows a view of a compact, fully electric vehicle with a focus on sustainability and luxury for the year 2040. ​


The BMW i Vision Circular is optimised for closed material cycles and has the goal of achieving 100 per cent recycled materials use / 100 per cent recyclability. Implementation of this fascinating vision is based on the application of our circular design principles: Re:think, Re:duce, Re:use and Re:cycle.



In the BMW i Vision Circular there is a rigorously applied reduction in the number of component parts, material groups and surface finishes. Exclusive use is made of recyclates or renewable raw material such as wood, without sacrificing any of the luxurious feel or quality.

BMW Vision M NEXT.​

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With stunning supercar proportions and next-gen interior comforts, the BMW Vision M NEXT demonstrates how both digital and design intelligence can make the driving experience purer and more emotional. Take a look at this visionary masterpiece and enjoy a glimpse into the future of BMW M.​​


The BMW design team turned to the iconic BMW Turbo and the ground-breaking BMW i8 for inspiration. In line with BMW design strategy, the BMW Vision M NEXT has achieved a distinguished presence through its sporty proportions but also through its minimal yet dominant angles and lines.

"We have used innovative materials to create a modern and luxurious interior. While its geometry is clear and restrained, individual details are showcased like high-quality accessories."

Domagoj Dukec, Head of Design at BMW.



Many of the interior elements have been reimagined for the next-gen driving experience. From the driver orientation to the minimal detailing, everything is geared towards enhancing driver focus. What’s more, the BOOST pod has three new interactive screens, which includes the steering wheel with two small displays, the Curved Glass Display and the full-surface Augmented Reality Head-Up Display..


The design of the BMW Vision M NEXT is the result of an internal contest. The very best BMW designers competed against one another with their hand-drawn sketches and visualisations. Several rounds took place to select the best designs until, finally, the draft to be implemented was picked out. The process from initial idea to complete vision vehicle took roughly 18 months.


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Nothing embodies the love of sporty and dynamic driving like the coupé. It's this enthusiasm that gives rise to the BMW Concept 4. Its highly emotive design combines all the features and values of a genuine BMW Coupé, while also offering new interpretations. As an unmistakable highlight, the impressive BMW double kidney grille with filigree design, together with premium paint finish, represents a new chapter in the story of BMW's dynamic coupés.​​


The distinctive double kidney grille of the BMW Concept 4 instantly attracts attention. Horizontal elements of mirrored crystal are integrated into the ventilation grille. Behind this, the delicate mesh and the air inlets are composed of many repetitions of the figure 4.


The design language of the BMW Concept 4 demonstrates typical BMW proportions in an ultra-modern and extremely emotional way: flowing, dynamic and elegant.


With the thrilling Forbidden Red paint finish, the BMW Concept 4 feels elegant yet dynamic from every angle. Applied in five layers, it brings to life every contour and nuance found in the design, from deep, dark reds to glowing ruby tones.